I Am A Resident!
Uncle Sam is a Resident

The Residents, long known as one of the most mysterious and reclusive bands of all time, are pleased to announce a new chapter in their lengthy and legendary career. A new door is opening and the name on that door is YOU!

Teaming up with PledgeMusic, the group is not just releasing a new album - not just TWO NEW ALBUMS - but by inviting their fans to participate, they’re introducing a completely new idea: I AM A RESIDENT!

After joining the I AM A RESIDENT! PledgeMusic campaign, fans will cross the line between passive consumption and active participation. Choose any song from The Residents’ vast catalog, record your own version and submit it. The Residents and their fans will then vote on their favorites which will will be included as part of the I AM A RESIDENT! album to be released in the Spring of 2018.

Oh yeah, not to be outdone, the HARD CORE FOUR, the Eyeball Originals, are also releasing a new album of all original songs - INTRUDERS - also due out early in 2018.

Meanwhile, the door is open - come on in.

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