Classic Vinyl box set creation video

Watch the amazing Dustin Edwards demonstrating world class woodburning technique as he creates the front of a box destined to hold first pressings of the first ten Residents' albums. For more info go to:

New shirts available in PledgeMusic store

A new bundle item has been added to the PledgeMusic I AM A RESIDENT store: a three pack of classic artwork t-shirts! Featuring artwork from Duck Stab, Meet The Residents, and of course the Classic Eye. If you've been holding out because you wanted some mondo-spiffy t-shirts such as these, now's your time to shine. And of course, no matter what you order, you get an access code that lets you submit your own Residential sonic creation.

275 members and still going strong! Are you the next Resident?

Intruders Preview

In all the excitement last week, we all missed out on BrooklynVegan's piece on the upcoming Residents album, Intruders.

BV has a preview track available which you can stream right now. (It's also included as a download if you pledge in the I AM A RESIDENT! campaign.)

View story at BrooklynVegan

80 Aching Orphans

The release date (Friday the 13th!) is nearly upon us, so we thought we'd give you a little peek at the packaging:

And for those who have ordered the autographed version from Cherry Red, those look something like this:

Buy or Die at these (and other) fine outlets: MVD | Cherry Red | Amazon


The Residents, long known as one of the most mysterious and reclusive bands of all time, are pleased to announce a new chapter in their lengthy and legendary career. A new door is opening and the name on that door is YOU!

After joining the I AM A RESIDENT! PledgeMusic campaign, fans will cross the line between passive consumption and active participation. Choose any song from The Residents' vast catalog, record your own version and submit it. The Residents and their fans will then vote on their favorites which will will be included as part of the I AM A RESIDENT! album to be released in the Spring of 2018.

And that's only a small part of what awaits you. See more details at

Psychofon Announces Santa Dog '17

Psychofon Records just announced their upcoming release of the latest addition to the Santa Dog family, Santa Dog '17! This track was premiered on Sarah Cahill's radio show in August, and will be pressed onto a 7" vinyl in time for the holidays.

Read the full post here:

Archive Auction - Final Listings

The final entries in this introductory opening of the Archives have been posted to eBay. Bid or die!

  • Uncle Willie's Hightly Opinionated Guide (book and CD)
  • High Horses
  • 13th Anniversary Live in Japan (test pressing)
  • Third Reich 'n' Roll (box set test pressing)
  • UWEB Box Set
  • A complete, original Santa Dog, number 0/0

Also, the Cryptic Guide to the Residents and Beatles Play The Residents single were relisted due to the previous auctions not completing.

Daydream B-Liver review

Musique Machine has offered a review of the recent reissue of Daydream B-Liver, describing it as a "wholly enjoyable, consistent, and worthy venture." Read the full review here.

You can purchase Daydream B-Liver (and other Residents titles) from Klanggalerie or on Bandcamp.

Double Trouble trailer released

From 1972-76, The Residents, inspired by Federico Fellini, The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari and Betty Boop cartoons, dumped nearly half a decade of creativity into Vileness Fats, a film they expected to become the ultimate underground movie of all time. It was never finished.

Fast forward forty years, and The Residents are inspired again. Not to finish Vileness Fats, but to re-contextualize the original video into a brand new film, Double Trouble. In the new film, the time is 2023. Randy Rose, the group's singer has just died, and his son, Randy Junior, a Catholic priest, has come into possession of the original Vileness Fats footage, and finds that his life holds some strange parallels to that long-abandoned project.

Watch the trailer here:

Three New Archive Listings

Here are the latest items in the Cryptic Archives auctions. Bid or Die!

  • Freak Show Portfolio
  • Aphids in the Hall

Archive Auction Update

The first batch of items ended earlier this week, and the second batch closes in less than two days. And now an additional three items have been added (ten-day auctions, as always). Bid or Die!

  • Commercial Single
  • Demons Dance Alone Director's Cut
  • Pollex Christi

Cryptic Archive Auction - Second Batch Posted

Another eleven items have been added to the eBay listings, also as ten-day auctions. Bid or Die!

  • Gingerbread Man CD-Rom PC Version 1994
  • Bad Day On The Midway CD-Rom
  • 10 Years In 20 Minutes LP
  • Duck Stab/Buster & Glen LP
  • Meet The Residents LP
  • The King & Eye LP
  • 17 X 7 Singles Boxset
  • Vileness Fats T- Shirt
  • Freak Show Special Edition
  • Duck Stab Combo Pack
  • Babyfingers EP