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The PledgeMusic campaign for I AM A RESIDENT! closes in 14 days. Get in there while the gettin's good. Or wander in there while the wanderin's weird. However you like.

In Between Dreams continues to roll across Europe, and tickets go on sale today for the North American leg of the tour, which kicks off in Los Angeles in April. We hope to see you at one or more of the shows.

Here's a photo of Tyrone performing with The Residents in Europe. (Photo credit: Creeping Mac Kroki)

Word on US Shows [UPDATE]

If you've been poking around on ticket seller sites, you may have noticed some Residents dates in North America in April of 2018. Well, they are true. We've collected venue and ticket info on our tour dates page:

Tickets go on sale on Friday at 10am (that's local to the venue), so your plan of action is clear: buy tickets Friday, plan your days off from work, and save your pennies for the merch table because THE RESIDENTS ARE COMING TO TOWN!

Another Tour Photo

(Photo: Creeping Mac Kroki)

The Residents just before taking the stage at Het Depot in Leuven, Belgium. Only ten more performances in the European tour. See the remaining dates here:

And only 17 days left to pre-order from the I AM A RESIDENT! store on PledgeMusic. Check it out here:

18 Days Left to declare yourself a Resident!

The I AM A RESIDENT! pre-order campaign closes at the end of the month, so if you were planning on dedicating a paycheck to it, your next one is probably it. For more info go to:

And for those who are submitting songs to the gallery, the deadline is December 16th, so you have just over a month to crank out something in the studio.

The Clown's Cowboy

A circus clown shares his dream of being a cowboy and protecting a herd of cattle from wolves. (As seen in the The Residents' In Between Dreams performance now touring Europe - see tour dates here.) Check out The Residents' PledgeMusic page at:

pREServed: The Archival Reissue Series

Deep in a San Francisco basement, lost in time and space and long-forgotten by their masters, lay over a hundred tattered boxes containing master tapes, demos, curios and acres of unreleased material dating back to the early 1970s.

Beginning at the beginning - with Meet The Residents and The Third Reich N Roll to be released in January 2018 - and working chronologically through the mire, daisy-fresh sets of newly remastered albums and singles, live recordings, alternate versions and as much long-lost and unreleased material as The Residents' can bear to part with will be available for your purchasing pleasure.

As ever with The Residents, users are advised to expect the unexpected and put their faith in the unknowable.

Begin your journey here:
Meet The Residents:
Third Reich 'N' Roll:

Photo From the Road

Here's a picture of THEM frolicking in the dressing room just before the Frankfurt show. The fun never ends! Don't forget to check out The Residents PledgeMusic page:

Are The Residents coming near you soon? Check the tour page here:

I Murdered Mommy now available from Klanggalerie

Klanggalerie's reissue of I Murdered Mommy saw official release last week. If you have already ordered, it will be on its way to you shortly. If you haven't ordered yet, you can do so here:

However, the Klanggalerie office is closing for a couple of weeks, so if you place an order now it won't be shipped until they reopen on the 20th. If you're waiting anyway, perhaps you'd be interested in browsing some other releases, some already available and some coming soon: Bobuck - Egg Booty, Title in Limbo Special Edition, Frith/Fox - A Day Hanging Dead Between Heaven And Earth.

Santa Dog '17 items available for pre-order

Psychofon Records begins pre-sale today for their Santa Dog '17 line. This includes (so far) various editions of the vinyl, a t-shirt, and a faboo metal pin. Keep your eyes glues to their site for more goodies to come.

Order Vinyl

Order Shirt

Order Pin

Order Sticker

John's Ballerina Reverie

COMING SOON TO A DIVE NEAR YOU! John Wayne shares his dream of a ballerina in this short video from The Residents' current In Between Dreams show now touring Europe. Check out The Residents' PledgeMusic page at:

Another Boffo Offer!

Homer Flynn, President of the Cryptic Corporation, offers to create an original piece of art from REAL RESIDENTS ARTIFACTS! Each work of art guaranteed to be authentic and ONE-OF-A KIND! For more info go to:

Nixon Sings the Blues

COMING SOON TO A DIVE NEAR YOU! Here's a short video from The Residents upcoming European tour, In Between Dreams. This features none other than President Richard M. Nixon, displaying his mega chops as a blues singer. It doesn't get any better.

The European tour begins tomorrow! See upcoming dates here:

Check out The Residents PledgeMusic campaign at:

An Offer for YOU!

Homer Flynn, President of the The Cryptic Corporation, explains that the best way to experience an authentic feeling of Residential reality is to WEAR AN EYEBALL! And for a small fee, he will come to your house, and shoot video of YOU putting one on! For more info go to:

Classic Vinyl box set creation video

Watch the amazing Dustin Edwards demonstrating world class woodburning technique as he creates the front of a box destined to hold first pressings of the first ten Residents' albums. For more info go to:

New shirts available in PledgeMusic store

A new bundle item has been added to the PledgeMusic I AM A RESIDENT store: a three pack of classic artwork t-shirts! Featuring artwork from Duck Stab, Meet The Residents, and of course the Classic Eye. If you've been holding out because you wanted some mondo-spiffy t-shirts such as these, now's your time to shine. And of course, no matter what you order, you get an access code that lets you submit your own Residential sonic creation.

275 members and still going strong! Are you the next Resident?