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Behind the Scenes of The Third Reich 'n' Roll

Captain Doc, Homer Flynn of the Cryptic Corporation, uncovers another little known Residents' collaborator. This episode talks about the curious 5th Resident and his involvement in the group's Third Reich 'n' Roll album.

The album has just been re-released as an extended 2CD set as part of the Residents pREServed reissue campaign.

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Meet The Residents: Behind the Scenes

Homer Flynn, Captain Doc of the Cryptic Corporation, reveals a behind the scenes story in the making of The Residents first album, Meet The Residents.

The album has just been re-released as an extended 2CD set as part of the Residents pREServed reissue campaign.

Order it here or from anywhere that's good enough to stock Residents merchandise.

I AM A RESIDENT! Finalists and Winners!

Well it's finally happened. We're now ready to announce who's going to be on the single. After processing, like, a million votes (or three thousand, whichever comes first) and tallying the individual songs and doing some weirdo data analytical black magic, we had some clear winners. But then it still took a while (I'll explain later).

Firstly, The Residents themselves were truly impressed and overwhelmed by the quality of the submitted songs. Everybody should get a round of applause. Even the voters, because choosing favorites from the entries was really hard.

Here are the runner-ups from the main ballot. You win bragging rights:

  • Theme For An American TV Show by Palo Alto
  • Moisture by OK Glass
  • Smelly Tongues by The Zverstvo
  • Boo Who? by Cult With No Name
  • Boo Who? by Lucas Marti

(Note from webmaster goatie: Secretly, "Moisture" by OK Glass is my favorite, so I'm glad to see it get recognized, even if it didn't win. Also: whoa, people really seem to like "Boo Who?" a lot, in any form. Weird.)

And now the runner-ups from the write-in part of the ballot:
  • Picnic Boy by Dr. Fritz Rotwang
  • BooWho? (@fivethingspercycle) by Uni

(GoatNote: "Boo Who?" again. I swear, next time we'll just ask people to submit their cover of that one song and decide once and for all which is best.)

All of the runner-ups should stand tall and proud, confident in the knowledge that they are loved, truly loved, by the public at large.

And now the moment you've been waiting for... your I AM A RESIDENT! winners:

  • Demons Dance Alone by A Vast Fusion of Nice People
  • Youtube Plays The Beatles Play Beyond The Valley of A Day In The Life by Pure Liquid Light

(GoatNote: A Vast Fusion of Nice People was previously known as The Vast Collective. And part of the delay in this announcement was deciding if the "Youtube Plays..." track would cause some legal trouble. Several law school dropouts were consulted, and in the end it was determined that it falls under artistic license and also shhhhh don't tell anyone.)

Congratulations to the winners, and to everyone who participated (many of whom will still appear on the final album - they're just not going to be singled out in this cheesy awards show manner).

Buy or Die!

Is one of your New Year's resolutions "buy more Residents stuff?" If so, you may be interested in the new shopping experience at

It's a handy little way to buy merchandise directly from MVD, and we hope you like it. For those of you who live far away and MVD is not convenient, or you want special items or digital downloads available elsewhere, we'll still maintain the old merchandise resource page here:

The Residents pREServed

Fresh for 2018 - feast your eyeballs on these fancy 3D visuals of the forthcoming 'Meet The Residents' and 'The Third Reich 'N Roll' pREServed reissues! Both look and sound stunning, and you too can be the proud owner of your own copies! Just follow the links and all your #buyordie dreams will come true.

2 disc special edition of the classic debut album in both mono & stereo mixes plus over 20 previously unreleased tracks!

The classic 1976 album remastered from the original tapes plus 11 unreleased recordings!

Up next, 'Fingerprince' and 'Duck Stab/Buster & Glen' - more on those next week!


Attention everyone who submitted a song to the I AM A RESIDENT! project: WE NEED YOUR UNCOMPRESSED AUDIO FILES!

Webmaster goatie has been sending email the last two weeks with instructions on where to send them, and many have complied (thank you!) but there are still some stragglers. Maybe the email is getting caught up in spam filters, so hopefully you can all see this, or can pass it along if you know one of these people.

If you have a song that appears in the song gallery and haven't sent an uncompressed version yet, please email for further instructions on how to do so.

Special bonus incentive: some of the missing files are for songs that are among the top voted, but we might have to remove them from consideration if we can't get high quality versions.

Vote or Die!

After returning from their European tour, The Residents set upon the task of listening to the ever-growing number of submissions for the I AM A RESIDENT! album. Every time they thought they'd reached the end, they'd reload the page and find a dozen or more new entries. One of them was even heard to remark "now I know how Penn felt."

And just like that beleaguered magician, The Residents came through with a newfound appreciation for the breadth and length of what these artists were creating. And that led to a pivot in the direction of the project. It was originally intended to be a tribute album of a handful of the best songs. And while there's nothing wrong with that, it's been done before, and more importantly it does not fully embrace the philosophy of I AM A RESIDENT! You think the people on a Beatles tribute album can call themselves Beatles? Heck no! To do that there would have to be some kind of collaboration...

So The Residents are going to dive in and get their hands dirty. They're going to mix, mash, splice and dub until this project completely blurs the lines between artists and fans, originals and tributes. Limited to 12-15 fan submissions? Ha! Nothing so boring as that.

Naturally this means that the song selection will be up to the whims of the Hardcore Four, but there will still be a vote to decide which tracks appear on the handmade vinyl single. The Residents have pre-selected 50 of their favorite entries (out of a whopping 197 in total!), and it's up to YOU THE PEOPLE to whittle those down to the few, the proud, the Chosen.

Head over to to cast your ballot by December 31, 2017.


Due to high demand, The Cryptic Corp has convinced PledgeMusic to extend the deadline for the I AM A RESIDENT! campaign, but by one additional day only. The campaign ABSOLUTELY ends at midnight Dec 1, West Coast time. If you've put off pledging, there's still time, but THE CLOCK IS TICKING!

Interested in one final item to sweeten the deal? Well how about a GENUINE AUTHENTIC RESIDENTS COSTUME? Yes, whether it's for your wedding or your loudmouth uncle's funeral, you can look EXACTLY LIKE THE RESIDENTS in their current In Between Dreams tour! Costume includes coat, pants, tie, hat and mask - only $600. (includes Access Pass & song submission) Only ten available!


513 Residents! That's how many of you have joined via the I AM A RESIDENT! PledgeMusic campaign as of this writing. And one of you has pledged to ride on the bus! Only four seats left - will one of them be yours?

The deadline to join (and optionally pick up some cool stuff, like vinyl pressings of the upcoming albums, a faboo clothing bundle, and a mondo cool wooden box set) is Thursday. So this is it, your two minute warning, except "minute" in this case means "day." I guess it's really a two day warning, but that doesn't flow off the tongue quite so well.

Song submissions are still coming in, and will continue to do so until December 16th, after which we'll figure out how to pick the best. Right now there are 91 entries, so it's going to be tough to find the few, the proud... The Residents. But we'll find a way.

Final PledgeMusic Offer! Three Days Left!


Yes, you can go tour with The Residents! This very special reward will allow five New Residents to join the Faceless Four's American tour in April, 2018. You will participate in two consecutive performances and ride the bus between shows. In addition to the $2500 fee, New Residents will be required to pay their own airfare to and from beginning and ending dates plus hotel rooms if necessary. (Includes Access Pass & song submission; appropriate dates will be determined by the The Cryptic Corp; participants required to sign contract agreeing not to reveal identities of The Residents under penalty of death.)

Only three more days left to declare I AM A RESIDENT!

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10 Days Remain in PledgeMusic Campaign

The I AM A RESIDENT! campaign closes in ten days. If you are in the United States, over Thanksgiving you can reflect upon all of the good things in your life... and then head over to PledgeMusic to get some more good things and/or become a part of this wild and wonderful thing we call The Residents.

In other countdown news, The Residents have just five more performances left in the current In Between Dreams tour. Here's a picture of them just before taking the stage last night in Belgrade (photo credit: Hein Fokker). See the remaining dates (and upcoming North American dates) here.