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Much of this site's content is built upon the work of countless others through the years. Not just the owners, but visitors as well. Without their contributions, this site would have fizzled away years ago.


In all honesty, this site began as a fan project called RzWeb in the early 1990s, designed and maintained by James Redekop (affectionately known as Tzoq). It quickly grew to be so exhaustive that The Residents themselves considered it their official site. Several years later, in 2003, The Residents desired to take on a more dynamic presence on the web, so a new site was created by a colleague of the group, William Rothers (affectionately known as Big Brother), though it retained much from its predecessor. Under his guidance the site was able to host several web-based events, such as Twelve Days of Brumalia and The Bunny Boy web series. In 2016, Big Brother handed the site over to Chris Combs (affectionately known as goatie), who had been assisting for several years. The current site draws on the previous site, which in turn drew upon RzWeb, and in this way it seems more a living, growing organism than a series of ones and zeroes.