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Below are the submitted entries for the I AM A RESIDENT! album. You can sort by title, artist, or date by clicking on the table headers. Participants were required to become a member through PledgeMusic by December 1st 2017.

Submissions will keep coming in until Saturday, December 16, 2017, and voting will open the next week.

SongArtistDate SubmittedListen
Shorty's Lament Marselle 2017-12-12
Hello Skinny Lambamannen 2017-12-12
Burn Him Baby Blastcap 2017-12-12
Rushing Like A Banshee Toasty Floyd 2017-12-12
Fever Dreams My Version Of It 2017-12-11
Walter Westinghouse The Brown Christmas 2017-12-11
Smelly Tongues B & E 2017-12-11
Igloo is where the heart is Secret Science 2017-12-11
Betty's Body Kids Techno 2017-12-10
Six Things to Burn Ted Tyrrell 2017-12-10
Sleepwalker OBAA 2017-12-10
Dreaming of a walrus hunt The Fake Masters 2017-12-10
The Sleeper Jabon 2017-12-09
Picnic Boy Dr. Fritz Rotwang 2017-12-09
Boo Who? (@five things per cycle) Uni 2017-12-08
Lizard Lady moldie13 2017-12-08
Boo Who? Cult With No Name 2017-12-07
The Electrocutioner Skating Dicks 2017-12-07
Jelly Lack The Boneless Boy El Douche (and his sister) 2017-12-07
Jelly Jack Yankee Doodle Randy 2017-12-07
Moisture The Black Lodgers 2017-12-07
Hard & Tenderly Utrom 2017-12-07
Hellno Gaw Nihc 2017-12-07
Weight-Lifting Lulu Wizards of Boat 2017-12-06
God Of Darkness (excerpt) DonC 2017-12-05
Hanging by his Hair Wizards of Boat 2017-12-05
Death in Barstow Ben Folkwein 2017-12-04
Demons Dance Alone The Vast Collective 2017-12-04
Lights Out Zheygro 2017-12-03
Rest Aria [midi] Ben Gibeson 2017-12-02
Mahogany Wood GK Machine 2017-12-02
Sinister Exaggerator Donald Shrimp 2017-12-02
Old Time Religion/We Stole This Riff MOLLDYER 2017-12-02
Mahgony Wouldn't TwistedRichie 2017-12-01
Wonderful Phaneron 2017-12-01
Weight-Lifting Lulu Cosmo 2017-12-01
The Wonderful Shoe Salesman Malcolm Tent 2017-12-01
never known questions Ray LeBray 2017-12-01
Scent of Mint Brett Spivey 2017-12-01
40 song titles pitch brothers 2017-11-30
(((westingbounce))) mysterious strangers 2017-11-30
Weight-Lifting Lulu HAMFACE 2017-11-30
On the Way (to Oklahoma) Avionic 2017-11-30
Our House La la lalalala la 2017-11-30
eskimoickyflixvilenessfats Wormcrack 2017-11-30
Red Rider Permanent Summer 2017-11-30
Firefly kwashotfi 2017-11-30
Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats? Charles Klee 2017-11-29
From the Planes to Mexico Spoon Blind Williams 2017-11-29
Lizard Lady Brain Wady 2017-11-29
Fire // Hitler was a Vegetarian Frenesi Gates 2017-11-28
Moles Are Coming Antichrist Kramer 2017-11-28
Kamikaze Lady Imitando al ojo 2017-11-28
Loss of Innocence Dell and the Smoothies 2017-11-28
smellyTONGUES AUOH 2017-11-27
Jelly Jack: The Boneless Boy The Loser Table 2017-11-27
Constantinople (MOOG) Philip Stranger 2017-11-27
Kamikaze Lady Fan Guilt 2017-11-27
The New Hymn Coeur Atomique 2017-11-27
Make Me Moo Late Frequencies 2017-11-26
Six Things to a Red Bicycle Skull in the Crow's Eye 2017-11-26
Fire Fall (Pseudoacoustic Mix) Daniel Riggins 2017-11-26
Krafty Cheese Pee Wee Travolta 2017-11-25
Godsong For The Future Eric Mayer 2017-11-25
Melon Collie Lassie Neponim Eye 2017-11-25
The Weatherman (the) baby born massacre 2017-11-23
Bach est mort (Bach is dead) Deluxe&Collus 2017-11-23
Amber (Instrumental) Tomato Jake 2017-11-23
Smelly Tongues The Zverstvo 2017-11-22
Margaret Freeman The 180 Gs 2017-11-21
Loss: The Weatherman Danny Spiteri and Jason Hallyburton 2017-11-21
Ship's A'Going Down Sebb Sollenhag 2017-11-21
Blue Rosebuds shidt! 2017-11-21
BACH IS DEAD Mystery Ted 2017-11-20
The New Hymn (Recessional) Kreatur Null (Max don't YouKnow) 2017-11-19
Skratz MOLI 2017-11-19
Eloise Smallbridge 2017-11-17
Elmer's Song Laser Pig 2017-11-17
The New Hymn Diablo 2017-11-17
Inner Space Mikey Hemphill 2017-11-16
NUM B UNO Mikey Hemphill 2017-11-16
fukt ("moisture" in swedish) Amöbel Audio 2017-11-16
Santa Doog L'Orchestre Inharmonique de Nice 2017-11-16
Blue Rosebuds Onom MUS 2017-11-14
Sinister Exaggerator Bretts Milk 2017-11-13
Rabbit Habit (The Residents) Sleeping Man 2017-11-13
BOY IN LOVE Freek Kinkelaar 2017-11-13
The Moles Are Coming Nun's Crusty Wimple 2017-11-12
Eloise Exuding Krafty Cheese 2017-11-11
The Sing Pleson X&X 2017-11-09
Mr Bees Bumble mr Mute 2017-11-08
Hanging By His Hair Mr Mute 2017-11-08
Easter Woman Snakes of Christ 2017-11-02
Bach is Dead Yankee Doodle Randy 2017-11-02
Would We Be Alive? Gretnoid 2017-10-31
Amber Finnth 2017-10-30
Semolina Phil Rhoden 2017-10-28
Honey Bear (Cloudy Weather) Moony Moon 2017-10-26
Would We Be Alive Josh Brown 2017-10-25
Easter Woman el TiGeR CoMiCs GRoUP 2017-10-24
Birds in the Trees YUNA YUNE 2017-10-23
Lauging Song Conroy Pitt 2017-10-22
Hello Skinny/Constantinople destro 2017-10-22
Hard & Tenderly Ibiza Chill Edit Cezary Ostrowski 2017-10-22
Hello Skinny Allen P. Williams 2017-10-21
Hello Skinny Pupaum 2017-10-21
Amber Ape Hivers 2017-10-21
Smelly Tongues Tom-Erik Løe 2017-10-20
Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth) Mr. Smith 2017-10-18
Hitler Was a Vegetarian (mADONNA wAS a pESCATARIAN) iNDECYPHERABLE iNDUSTRIES 2017-10-18
Hello Skinny Agrimorfee 2017-10-17
The Dark Man This Is Past (George Zafiriadis) 2017-10-17
six more to leave SANTA 2017-10-17
Cry For The Fire BROWN 2017-10-15
Monstrous Intro AL KAMYKOWSKI 2017-10-15
Youtube Plays The Beatles Play Beyond The Valley of A Day In The Life Pure Liquid Light 2017-10-13
The Simple Song Chance 2017-10-10
Unknown nano 2017-10-08
The Making of a Soul Buck Tardley 2017-10-07
Tribal Teddy Philip Stranger 2017-10-07
Baby Skeletons And Dogs Mike Noyes 2017-10-07
Laughing Song Folkloration (Christian Panetta) 2017-10-06
Edweena Buck Tardley 2017-10-06
The Aging Musician Jeremy Maloney 2017-10-04
44 Point A Pistol At The Sun 2017-10-02
Happy Home Inspected By 13 2017-10-02
On the Way to Oklahoma Mieze Residents 2017-10-02
Make Me Moo Enemy From Space 2017-10-01
Judas Saves Chesty Vulva 2017-09-30
Easter Woman Substance W 2017-09-29
Honey Bear Nicholas Panagakos 2017-09-29
Crashing the March de la Amber S.R Woodward 2017-09-29
Loss of Innocence SD Berlin 2017-09-28
Boo Who? Lucas Martí 2017-09-28
Bach Is Dead Ray Carmen 2017-09-27
Festival Of Death Aaron Dylan Kearns 2017-09-27
Hanging By His Hair Chesty Vulva 2017-09-27
Safety Is The Cootie Wootie Andor 2017-09-27
Would We Be Alive mr sterile 2017-09-27
When We Were Young Jake Gonnella 2017-09-26
Amber ZWJW 2017-09-26
Smelly Tongues Emerald Suspension 2017-09-25
Le Chien du Père Noêl (Bing Bing Bong Bong) Germaine Scalp 2017-09-25
Suburban Bathers Finnth 2017-09-25

If you have submitted a song and it is not showing up here, please contact residents.web@gmail.com.