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Submissions are closed, and voting has concluded. Stay tuned for an announcement of the final winners. In the meantime, we present below all 197 songs that came in during the submission period.

SongArtistDate SubmittedListen
I Hate Heaven Jason Christ 2017-12-17
Burn, Baby, Burn Captain Danger w/TORGO 2017-12-17
Picnic Boy The Beaches 2017-12-16
Honey Bear Headnose 2017-12-16
Harry the Head Rita 2017-12-16
constantinople the knod 2017-12-16
The Old Woman Noise Bleed 2017-12-16
Red Rider Tyler Watkins 2017-12-16
Is He Really Bringing Roses??? Chico Tiberius 2017-12-16
Ship of Fools Ergle Bergle and the Gristle Guts 2017-12-16
The Touch WAK IV 2017-12-16
Hello Skinny Deathcrush 2017-12-16
Hello Skinny Ovalematic 2017-12-16
Floyd (give it time!) ARK 2017-12-16
Simple Mr. Misery Demonic Swagger 2017-12-16
KillThe3Eskimos slotorque 2017-12-16
Bach is dead (acousmatic version) Arthur Soyer 2017-12-16
Rest Aria the Conversation 2.0 2017-12-16
REST ARIA (Extra Fuzz Uke Edit) COUVERCLE 2017-12-16
In between dreams Des Clous 2017-12-16
Theme For An American TV Show Palo Alto 2017-12-16
Blue Rosebuds Leo Nightingale 2017-12-16
The Making of a Soul A&L 2017-12-16
The Aging Musician Connor Bond 2017-12-15
Serenade for Missy (Exercise Montage Mix) Infomercial USA 2017-12-15
Hello Skinny, do you ever wonder who they are? Paraplexus feat. Lars M. 2017-12-15
Bun My Bones TheBizzarreOne 2017-12-15
Moisture OK Glass 2017-12-15
Blue Rosebuds Hardin Keane 2017-12-15
Life Would Be Wonderful The Doppelgangers 2017-12-15
Introduction NEDiSON 2017-12-15
Shut Up Cretin Family 2017-12-15
Kick a picnic The Meet Cafe 2017-12-15
Here Come the Bums Deaf Panda 2017-12-15
Simple Arctic Song KNL 2017-12-15
The Sold-Out Artist CEMANTIC BLOCKAGE 2017-12-15
Simple Song Loopyi 2017-12-15
Shorty's Lament Asa Pillsbury 2017-12-15
Hello Skinny HalfCutLemon 2017-12-15
Harry the Head Still Life 2017-12-14
Amber My Boyfriend the Pilot 2017-12-14
Bach is dead Yankee Doodle Randy 2017-12-14
Dimples and Toes Edgar (1988) 2017-12-14
Santa Dog Conspicuously Alcoholic 2017-12-14
The Census Taker Yvan&Lendl 2017-12-14
Moisture Itch Princess 2017-12-14
Krafty Cheese Darkly 2017-12-14
Shut Up! Shut Up! Pope Paul Pot 2017-12-14
Medicine Man Petrol4brains 2017-12-14
Weightlifting Lulu Misterie Box 2017-12-14
Death In Barstow Cake Boy And The Caker Street Boys 2017-12-13
Mahogany Wood Ranchstyle Chickenpants 2017-12-13
I Hate Heaven MOSURA 2017-12-13
You Yesyesyes Yet Again Fan Guilt 2017-12-13
The New (orchestral) Machine Die Konsonauten 2017-12-13
Shorty's Lament Marselle 2017-12-12
Hello Skinny Lambamannen 2017-12-12
Burn Him Baby Blastcap 2017-12-12
Rushing Like A Banshee Toasty Floyd 2017-12-12
Fever Dreams My Version Of It 2017-12-11
Walter Westinghouse The Brown Christmas 2017-12-11
Smelly Tongues B & E 2017-12-11
Igloo is where the heart is Secret Science 2017-12-11
Betty's Body Kids Techno 2017-12-10
Six Things to Burn Ted Tyrrell 2017-12-10
Sleepwalker OBAA 2017-12-10
Dreaming of a walrus hunt The Fake Masters 2017-12-10
The Sleeper Jabon 2017-12-09
Picnic Boy Dr. Fritz Rotwang 2017-12-09
Boo Who? (@five things per cycle) Uni 2017-12-08
Lizard Lady moldie13 2017-12-08
Boo Who? Cult With No Name 2017-12-07
The Electrocutioner Skating Dicks 2017-12-07
Jelly Lack The Boneless Boy El Douche (and his sister) 2017-12-07
Jelly Jack Yankee Doodle Randy 2017-12-07
Moisture The Black Lodgers 2017-12-07
Hard & Tenderly Utrom 2017-12-07
Hellno Gaw Nihc 2017-12-07
Weight-Lifting Lulu Wizards of Boat 2017-12-06
God Of Darkness (excerpt) DonC 2017-12-05
Hanging by his Hair Wizards of Boat 2017-12-05
Death in Barstow Ben Folkwein 2017-12-04
Demons Dance Alone A Vast Fusion of Nice People 2017-12-04
Lights Out Zheygro 2017-12-03
Rest Aria [midi] Ben Gibeson 2017-12-02
Mahogany Wood GK Machine 2017-12-02
Sinister Exaggerator Donald Shrimp 2017-12-02
Old Time Religion/We Stole This Riff MOLLDYER 2017-12-02
Mahgony Wouldn't TwistedRichie 2017-12-01
Wonderful Phaneron 2017-12-01
Weight-Lifting Lulu Cosmo 2017-12-01
The Wonderful Shoe Salesman Malcolm Tent 2017-12-01
never known questions Ray LeBray 2017-12-01
Scent of Mint Brett Spivey 2017-12-01
40 song titles pitch brothers 2017-11-30
(((westingbounce))) mysterious strangers 2017-11-30
Weight-Lifting Lulu HAMFACE 2017-11-30
On the Way (to Oklahoma) Avionic 2017-11-30
Our House La la lalalala la 2017-11-30
eskimoickyflixvilenessfats Wormcrack 2017-11-30
Red Rider Permanent Summer 2017-11-30
Firefly kwashotfi 2017-11-30
Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats? Charles Klee 2017-11-29
From the Planes to Mexico Spoon Blind Williams 2017-11-29
Lizard Lady Brain Wady 2017-11-29
Fire // Hitler was a Vegetarian Frenesi Gates 2017-11-28
Moles Are Coming Antichrist Kramer 2017-11-28
Kamikaze Lady Imitando al ojo 2017-11-28
Loss of Innocence Dell and the Smoothies 2017-11-28
smellyTONGUES AUOH 2017-11-27
Jelly Jack: The Boneless Boy The Loser Table 2017-11-27
Constantinople (MOOG) Philip Stranger 2017-11-27
The New Hymn Coeur Atomique 2017-11-27
Make Me Moo Late Frequencies 2017-11-26
Six Things to a Red Bicycle Skull in the Crow's Eye 2017-11-26
Fire Fall (Pseudoacoustic Mix) Daniel Riggins 2017-11-26
Krafty Cheese Pee Wee Travolta 2017-11-25
Godsong For The Future Eric Mayer 2017-11-25
Melon Collie Lassie Neponim Eye 2017-11-25
The Weatherman (the) baby born massacre 2017-11-23
Bach est mort (Bach is dead) Deluxe&Collus 2017-11-23
Amber (Instrumental) Tomato Jake 2017-11-23
Smelly Tongues The Zverstvo 2017-11-22
Margaret Freeman The 180 Gs 2017-11-21
Loss: The Weatherman Danny Spiteri and Jason Hallyburton 2017-11-21
Ship's A'Going Down Sebb Sollenhag 2017-11-21
Blue Rosebuds shidt! 2017-11-21
BACH IS DEAD Mystery Ted 2017-11-20
The New Hymn (Recessional) Kreatur Null (Max don't YouKnow) 2017-11-19
Skratz MOLI 2017-11-19
Eloise Smallbridge 2017-11-17
Elmer's Song Laser Pig 2017-11-17
The New Hymn Diablo 2017-11-17
Inner Space Mikey Hemphill 2017-11-16
NUM B UNO Mikey Hemphill 2017-11-16
fukt ("moisture" in swedish) Amöbel Audio 2017-11-16
Santa Doog L'Orchestre Inharmonique de Nice 2017-11-16
Blue Rosebuds Onom MUS 2017-11-14
Sinister Exaggerator Bretts Milk 2017-11-13
Rabbit Habit (The Residents) Sleeping Man 2017-11-13
BOY IN LOVE Freek Kinkelaar 2017-11-13
The Moles Are Coming Nun's Crusty Wimple 2017-11-12
Eloise Exuding Krafty Cheese 2017-11-11
The Sing Pleson X&X 2017-11-09
Mr Bees Bumble mr Mute 2017-11-08
Hanging By His Hair Mr Mute 2017-11-08
Easter Woman Snakes of Christ 2017-11-02
Would We Be Alive? Gretnoid 2017-10-31
Amber Finnth 2017-10-30
Semolina Phil Rhoden 2017-10-28
Honey Bear (Cloudy Weather) Moony Moon 2017-10-26
Would We Be Alive Josh Brown 2017-10-25
Easter Woman el TiGeR CoMiCs GRoUP 2017-10-24
Birds in the Trees YUNA YUNE 2017-10-23
Lauging Song Conroy Pitt 2017-10-22
Hello Skinny/Constantinople destro 2017-10-22
Hard & Tenderly Ibiza Chill Edit Cezary Ostrowski 2017-10-22
Hello Skinny Allen P. Williams 2017-10-21
Hello Skinny Pupaum 2017-10-21
Amber Ape Hivers 2017-10-21
Smelly Tongues Tom-Erik Løe 2017-10-20
Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth) Mr. Smith 2017-10-18
Hitler Was a Vegetarian (mADONNA wAS a pESCATARIAN) iNDECYPHERABLE iNDUSTRIES 2017-10-18
Hello Skinny Agrimorfee 2017-10-17
The Dark Man This Is Past (George Zafiriadis) 2017-10-17
six more to leave SANTA 2017-10-17
Cry For The Fire BROWN 2017-10-15
Monstrous Intro AL KAMYKOWSKI 2017-10-15
Youtube Plays The Beatles Play Beyond The Valley of A Day In The Life Pure Liquid Light 2017-10-13
The Simple Song Chance 2017-10-10
Unknown nano 2017-10-08
The Making of a Soul Buck Tardley 2017-10-07
Tribal Teddy Philip Stranger 2017-10-07
Baby Skeletons And Dogs Mike Noyes 2017-10-07
Laughing Song Folkloration (Christian Panetta) 2017-10-06
Edweena Buck Tardley 2017-10-06
The Aging Musician Jeremy Maloney 2017-10-04
44 Point A Pistol At The Sun 2017-10-02
Happy Home Inspected By 13 2017-10-02
On the Way to Oklahoma Mieze Residents 2017-10-02
Make Me Moo Enemy From Space 2017-10-01
Judas Saves Chesty Vulva 2017-09-30
Easter Woman Substance W 2017-09-29
Honey Bear Nicholas Panagakos 2017-09-29
Crashing the March de la Amber S.R Woodward 2017-09-29
Loss of Innocence SD Berlin 2017-09-28
Boo Who? Lucas Martí 2017-09-28
Bach Is Dead Ray Carmen 2017-09-27
Festival Of Death Aaron Dylan Kearns 2017-09-27
Hanging By His Hair Chesty Vulva 2017-09-27
Safety Is The Cootie Wootie Andor 2017-09-27
Would We Be Alive mr sterile 2017-09-27
When We Were Young Jake Gonnella 2017-09-26
Amber ZWJW 2017-09-26
Smelly Tongues Emerald Suspension 2017-09-25
Le Chien du Père Noêl (Bing Bing Bong Bong) Germaine Scalp 2017-09-25
Suburban Bathers Finnth 2017-09-25