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Below are the submitted entries for the I AM A RESIDENT! album. You can sort by title, artist, or date by clicking on the table headers. Become a member through PledgeMusic to submit your own Residents song.

Submissions will keep coming in until Saturday, December 16, 2017, and voting will open the next week.

SongArtistDate SubmittedListen
Smelly Tongues Tom-Erik Løe 2017-10-20
Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth) Mr. Smith 2017-10-18
Hitler Was a Vegetarian (mADONNA wAS a pESCATARIAN) iNDECYPHERABLE iNDUSTRIES 2017-10-18
Hello Skinny Agrimorfee 2017-10-17
The Dark Man This Is Past (George Zafiriadis) 2017-10-17
six more to leave SANTA 2017-10-17
Cry For The Fire BROWN 2017-10-15
Monstrous Intro AL KAMYKOWSKI 2017-10-15
Youtube Plays The Beatles Play Beyond The Valley of A Day In The Life Pure Liquid Light 2017-10-13
The Simple Song Chance 2017-10-10
Unknown nano 2017-10-08
The Making of a Soul Buck Tardley 2017-10-07
Tribal Teddy Philip Stranger 2017-10-07
I Murdered Mommy Mr Mute 2017-10-07
Baby Skeletons And Dogs Mike Noyes 2017-10-07
Laughing Song Folkloration (Christian Panetta) 2017-10-06
Edweena Buck Tardley 2017-10-06
The Aging Musician Jeremy Maloney 2017-10-04
44 Point A Pistol At The Sun 2017-10-02
Happy Home Inspected By 13 2017-10-02
On the Way to Oklahoma Mieze Residents 2017-10-02
Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats Charles Klee 2017-10-01
Make Me Moo Enemy From Space 2017-10-01
Theme From An American TV Show Mr Mute 2017-10-01
Judas Saves Chesty Vulva 2017-09-30
Easter Woman Substance W 2017-09-29
Honey Bear Nicholas Panagakos 2017-09-29
Crashing the March de la Amber S.R Woodward 2017-09-29
Loss of Innocence SD Berlin 2017-09-28
Boo Who? Lucas Martí 2017-09-28
Bach Is Dead Ray Carmen 2017-09-27
Festival Of Death Aaron Dylan Kearns 2017-09-27
Hanging By His Hair Chesty Vulva 2017-09-27
Safety Is The Cootie Wootie Andor 2017-09-27
Would We Be Alive mr sterile 2017-09-27
When We Were Young Jake Gonnella 2017-09-26
Amber ZWJW 2017-09-26
Smelly Tongues Emerald Suspension 2017-09-25
Le Chien du Père Noêl (Bing Bing Bong Bong) Germaine Scalp 2017-09-25
Suburban Bathers Finnth 2017-09-25

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