Diskomo / Goosebump re-release in April

The Residents have been represented on Record Store Day the past few years with various releases (Kaw-Liga, Intermission, Please Do Not Steal It!). This year it's the 1980 EP, Diskomo.

This year is also little different. In Europe there's an RSD exclusive release on red vinyl, while in the US there is a non-exclusive yellow version released the day before. Both have the same bonus tracks, essentially making it a vinyl version of the now out of print Diskomo 2000 CD.

The US edition will be released on Friday, April 21, the day before Record Store Day. The European version is only available in participating record stores on Saturday, April 22. Both are limited to 1000 numbered copies, and both sport Record Store Day stickers.

  • Diskomo
  • Diskomo 2000
  • Diskomo 1992
  • Twinkle 2000
  • Disaster
  • Plants
  • Farmers
  • Twinkle

Note: This news entry has been updated. Originally the releases were described as being on translucent vinyl, but the US edition at least is clearly solid (or at least no less so than a regular record). Also, information about the numbering has been added.