In Between Dreams(2017)

The Residents' In Between Dreams touring show enjoyed its world premiere at the prestigious Blue Note jazz club in Tokyo, performing six times from March 21-23, 2017. Focusing on dreamlike material from the group's vast catalog - "In my dreams at night, I hear a white hot light" from Jelly Jack, the Boneless Boy; "Afterwards it's like a dream you don't remember" from Picnic on the Jungle; and "I see him when I'm dreaming, his teeth are white and bare" from The Monkey Man, among others - the set also includes songs from The Ghost of Hope, their recent album, and newly written material drawn from a future project.

Dreams are nothing new for The Residents. In the Mole Show, their first tour, they dreamed of being Moles, crawling out from the safety of the underground; while in Shadowland, their most recent tour, they fantasized about being a rock band. Not unlike a guinea pig ingesting its own tail, In Between Dreams finds the group dreaming about dreams. Similar to the Shadowland show, the performance also includes several short video monologues featuring John Wayne reflecting on his dream about a ballerina, Mother Teresa having a nightmare about a train wreck and a clown who dreams he's a cowboy.

After the Tokyo performances, In Between Dreams will be featured at the Safe As Milk Festival in Wales on April 22. A longer European tour is currently scheduled for late Fall/early Winter, 2017.