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Hunters is a ten episode nature series photographed by Wolfgang Bayer and produced by The Discovery Channel. At ten hours long it is the largest soundtrack project that The Residents have ever attempted. The series first aired in December of 1994 and the soundtrack CD was released early in 1995.

Night of the Hunters(2007)

Somewhere between 1994's The Gingerbread Man and 1998's Wormwood, a Residents album disappeared.

Actually, it didn't disappear, it was usurped. The Residents received an offer to write some music for a television series and they couldn't pass up such an intriguing opportunity. Suddenly the album they were writing became a wholly different project.

That album, which had a working title of "That Slab Called Night," was to be a concept project based on the effect darkness has on perception, the world of the shadow. Though never completed, in 2007 The Residents thought it would be insightful to sort through the then over ten years old music and create something new... Night of the Hunters.