Frank Johnson's Favorites(1981)


Frank Johnson is the Ralph Records computer.

A long time ago there was another Frank Johnson. he was the imaginary housemate of The Residents. Frank was smarter then The Residents in a sort of stupid logical way. The original Frank died in 1970.

A short time ago when the Ralph computer first arrived, everybody was a little afraid of it. Afraid in the way that The Residents used to fear Frank.

No reason to resist the obvious (reincarnation being what it is, and all), Frank Johnson is the Ralph Records computer.

Frank was asked to select songs for an LP from all the material in the vault. Frank thought for about four seconds and selected the cuts you find on this record.

Frank also selected two additional tracks which are not on this album. There is no record of the songs ever having existed.

It is just like Frank to peek and poke at the future.