The Bunny Boy(2008)

In 2008, The Residents began an ambitious project entitled The Bunny Boy. At its heart it was an episodic web series, with installments premiering on YouTube and the Residents official site three days a week.

The genesis of the project was an old acquaintance of The Residents coming back into their lives after a long absence. They received a bizarre collection of videos of a man pleading for help to find his brother. The Residents recognized their old friend, and decided to help by retelling his story so that it would reach more people.

The series had an interactive element, in that viewers were invited to correspond with Bunny via email, and their comments and advice would shape the narrative of the series.

In total there were 66 episodes, a soundtrack album, a music album, a tour, and a DVD.

The Bunny Boy album(2008)

Coinciding with the launch of the web series was the release of the Bunny Boy album. This consisted of more or less traditional songs that aided the telling of the story. Since they came out at the same time, the album's songs worked as clues of what would happen next in the series. The album, along with the web series, formed the basis on which the live show was structured.

The Bunny Boy Tour(2008)

In October 2008, only one month after the premiere of the Bunny Boy web series, a US tour of the material began. In the show The Residents are joined by Bunny as they perform the songs they had written about his story, interspersed with selections from the web series and Bunny's telling of his story. As the series was still in progress, some of the episodes had not yet premiered online when some audiences saw them live.

The show had two legs: a two-week American stint and a month-long tour of Europe.

Postcards From Patmos(2008)
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Postcards From Patmos is the soundtrack album for the Bunny Boy web series. It also served as the pre-show music for The Bunny Boy tour and was primarily sold as a tour item.

Its initial release was a single CD housed in a gatefold digipack cover with two spindles. This would allow the buyer, if so desired, to combine it with a separately purchased Bunny Boy CD to make a 2-disc collection.

Subsequent releases were on demand or digital downloads with new cover art.