80 Aching Orphans Set for October Release

80 Aching Orphans is a new, 4-CD, 80-track set spanning the first 45 years of The Residents. Included are singles, fan favorites, album highlights, live recordings, and material never before available on CD. Housed in a hardback book with exclusive artwork and track-by-track liner notes, and at a deliciously low price, this may prove to be the ultimate overview of the band's work (well, at least until the 66th anniversary set comes out in mid-2038). The Cherry Red link below has more information and a full track list.

Release date is set for Friday the 13th of October. Here are some places you can pre-order it now:
Cherry Red | MVD | Amazon

And were you hoping for unreleased material? Well this enticing sentence also popped up in the Cherry Red announcement: "The Residents will soon embark on the 'pREServed' archival album reissue series, including previously unheard material, b-sides, rare recordings and extensive sleevenotes." Keep your eyes on the lookout for more announcements concerning that series soon.