The Warner Bros album has long held the fascination of fans, though not necessarily that of The Residents. To them it was the best they could do at the time with available resources. After the demo was rejected for not being commercially viable, The Residents reworked the material several times. However they never got it to be what they thought it should be and set it aside, unfinished, to start on a new project.

As the years went by and the group's techniques and philosophy grew more sophisticated, that old demo tape became more of an embarrassing past episode. All the same, The Residents acknowledged the historical importance of the tape, it being tied closely to their emergence as a formalized group. The conflict between revisiting the old and ever moving forward was resolved when the group began experimenting with remix tools in 2002.

The result was WB:RMX, a new album that used the old tapes as source material. The original recordings were fed into modern software to allow for manipulation and overdubbing possibilities that were not possible thirty years earlier.

WB:RMX was released as a CD as well as a double LP with bonus tracks.