Uncle Willie's Highly Opinionated Guide to The Residents(1993)

Uncle Willie's Guide, published in 1993 by the Cryptic Corporation, is an excellent reference for the group's first twenty years of activity. In addition to essays on the history of the band it includes the original True Story of The Residents by Matt Groening and essays by many people, from collaborators to critics -- even including excerpts from a Resident's diary dating from the Mole Show tour.

The discography, compiled with the assistance of Residential collector Kim Andrews, is incredibly complete, listing every variation of every work, including collections and other works which include material. The last 40 pages of the 220 page book are just lists of works, categorized and cross-referenced.

Rex Ray, the artist on the UWEB CDs did the cover art here too and, to round out the package, the book came with a CD that covered the entire 20-year musical output of the band in fifty minutes of concentrates.