Ultimate Box Set(2012)

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, The Residents dreamed up what may be the most ambitious product ever: The Ultimate Box Set. It is a collection of the first editions of all their physical albums, over 100 products in all, housed in a 28 cubic foot refrigerator. It also contains a real eyeball mask (or skull - buyers had their choice on a first come, first served basis).

The UBS was announced via a YouTube video in December of 2012, featuring Randy in a Santa Claus suit (the same he would later wear on the Wonder of Weird tour) offering the box set for the princely sum of $100,000. There was also a mystery box available for $5,000,000. Many fans assumed it was a joke, or an artistic commentary on consumerism. The Residents are never ones to shy away from making statements or just plain having fun, but this was a real product that could be purchased.

As one might imagine, the high price tag severely limited sales, and only two box sets were produced (one went to a fan in Indiana, the other to the MoMA in New York).