Pollex Christi(1997)
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Pollex Christi ("The Big Toe [or Thumb] of Christ") is a work by the mysterious N.Senada, which had never been recorded until The Residents created this album. It is one of Senada's "blueprints" and was created around 1936-37, just before he fled Germany for northern Canada.

A "blueprint" is a set of instructions on how to construct the piece out of existing works. Essentially, Senada steals bits from other people's compositions and has the performer assemble them into a "house of bricks", much as some of the composers being plagiarized used existing folk music to build their own works on. The difference is that not one note of Senada's composition is original.

N.Senada's blueprints often had "holes" in them, meant to be filled with whatever the performers felt should go in. His reasoning, based on his "house" metaphor, was that the people should contribute to the construction of their homes. In this recording, The Residents fill the three holes with famous television theme songs. In part 1, they use the theme form Peter Gunn. Later, they use the original Star Trek theme (part 2) and the Popeye the Sailor Man song (part 5).