Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses(1997)
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Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses is a retrospective which covers the first 25 years of The Residents' work. It collects album "concentrates" -- 10-minute medleys of the material from the albums -- as well as individual songs. It is more of a straight collection than the previous 20th Anniversary album, Our Finest Flowers, in that songs are presented in their original form and the concentrates are fairly straightforward, not multi-source mixtures.

There were two versions of the retrospective: a 4 CD limited edition from EuroRalph and a 2 CD US pressing from Rykodisc. The limited edition discs are called Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt. The first two run backwards through the band's history, from Have a Bad Day all the way to Aircraft Damage from Santa Dog. The first is made up almost entirely of album concentrates, while the second is mostly individual songs. Jefferson contains selections from The Residents' extensive singles collection (in no particular order), and Roosevelt includes never-released material from a number of dead projects, plus the complete Prelude to "The Teds" which had only been available through the Hello Recording Club.

The Rykodisc version has two discs called Unum and Pluribus. They combine material from the first three of the EuroRalph CDs.