Live at the Fillmore(1997)

The Residents performed a series of 2-hour shows at The Fillmore in San Francisco in the last week of October, 1997, with two final shows on Halloween. The program showcased a whole raft of new costumes created by The Residents as they presented stagings of songs from their recent CD-ROM projects, and finished up with a full live performance of Disfigured Night, which was, in part, a warm-up for these performances.

The first half of the show was divided into two acts: "Louisiana" consisted of a retelling of the Gingerbread Man story as it is known in the bayou, and "Freaks" presented selections from Freak Show and Bad Day on the Midway.

After an intermission, the show continued with a live performance of Disfigured Night. The set at The Fillmore was the same as the one in Köln except that instead of mixing the graphics in on a blue screen onto monitors as the band had done with the German show, they had them projected onto two large spheres at the back of the stage.

A recording of the show was released on CD by Ralph America in 1998.