Kettles of Fish on the Outskirts of Town(2003)

For their 30th anniversary, The Residents collected live footage from their tours on a new 90-minute DVD. Titled Live! ...on the Outskirts, the DVD is also included in the box set Kettles of Fish on the Outskirts of Town.

Kettles of Fish does not contain any full shows, but it does feature the best existing footage from The Residents' tours. As an extra bonus, it also contains Ty's Freak Show and two numbers from the Prague musical production of Freak Show Live. As with the Icky Flix DVD, there are many Easter Eggs to find as well. In addition to the live video, the DVD contains photos, web links, and other tour-related information.

The Kettles box set also included three CDs of live material, with the first two covering the first six major tours and the third containing material from non-touring performances.